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ELD Prerelease - VIP Package

ELD Prerelease - VIP Package

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    Throne of Eldraine PreRelease Event - 5 Event VIP Pack


    Date:  September 27th - 29th

    Start Time:  FRIDAY - Sept 27th @ 7pm / Sept 28th @ Noon and 5pm / Sept 29th at Noon (Sealed or 2HG) and 5pm


    Prize Support:  2 packs per player will be added to the prize pool.  Prized will be given to players with a record of X-1-1 or Better


    The VIP Package allows you to attend 5 - ELD PreRelease events of your choice.

    Please note:  You are purchasing the ability to participate in 5 PreRelease Events, you are not purchasing 5 PreRelease kits.  Kits will be given to players that want to participate in the events.  If you are not able to play in an event, you will receive 6 packs the week of release or a PreRelease Kit IF any are available.