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11/10 - Lost Caverns of Ixalan Friday Prerelease @ 6:30pm

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  • Description

    A return visit to the Aztec plane of Ixalan! Merfolk, Vampires, Pirates, and... Dinosaurs?
    Join us this weekend for your first peek at the Lost Caverns of Ixalalan, receive a Prerelease Kit containing 6 Draft Boosters, a special D20 spin-down die, and a unique prerelease Promo inside! Build your 40-card deck in approximately 30 minutes and battle through the night against multiple foes and claim your stake of the Set Booster prize pool.

    - Friday, November 10th @ 630pm
    - $30 entry
    - Format: Sealed

    Event will be capped at 3 rounds, at the end of which players will receive 1 LCI Set Booster per win and a 4th pack for 3-0.
    All players will also receive one of each Dramatic Reversal, Beast Whisperer, and Path of Ancestry Promo while supplies last, with 2 copies of Dragonlord Atarka promos among the undefeated players.