Store Credit Bonus!

Now get a 20% Bonus in Store Credit when you choose to sell us your Magic the Gathering cards for Store Credit! 


How Do I Sell Cards to Using the Buylist (Please Read):

1. Log in to your account and then click the 'Buylist' tab at the top. This puts you in 'Buy' mode.

2. You can quickly find the cards you wish to sell by either Searching or through Browsing the Products section on the left to locate the cards you wish to sell; now just add  them to your Sell Cart. (Make sure you are in Selling Mode!)
3. To Edit or Checkout, click the 'Sell Cards' link in the Buylist Cart section to the right.
4. Follow the system prompts to complete the sell order.  Please make sure to package your cards in the same order they appear on your receipt.
5. Wait for the approval email to arrive. (We might make some changes so please double-check)  Please make sure to package your cards in the same order they appear on your receipt. This helps us process the order quickly. Orders that are NOT packaged in the order of the receipt, can/will delay the processing.
6. You will be notified when your package arrives. You will then receive an email receipt confirming the grade of your cards. Any cards we receive that are less than Unplayed will be discounted according to their grade (see chart below).

7. You will receive payment promptly once we've received and processed your Buylist Order. 


Minimum Buy Order: Minimum total for orders selling cards to NRG is currently $5.00 (Store Credit only), $10.00 if you want paid by check or Paypal.


Buy Prices: Prices shown are for Near Mint/Lightly Played Cards, however we will buy cards that are played. We will pay a percentage of the buy price listed, based on the corresponding grade of the card.  The scale below is the percentage (of the buy price listed) we pay based on the cards grade.


  • Near Mint - 100%
  • Lightly Played - 100%
  • Moderately Played - 50%
  • Heavily Played- 25%
  • Poor/Damaged - 5%


Important: We are currently only buying English cards using the Buylist. We also strongly suggest you purchase tracking and insurance when sending us your Sell Order!  We are NOT responsible for lost orders that were shipped from the buyer!


We Buy Bulk!


* Bulk Magic Rares: $0.05 each!

* Bulk Magic FOIL Common/UnCommon/Basic Land: $0.01 each ($10 per thousand)

* Bulk Magic FOIL Rares: $0.05 each ($50 per 1,000)

* Bulk Magic Commons/UnCommons: $2.00 per 1,000  


Send Your Cards To:

Nerd Rage Gaming

1361 W. Dundee Rd.

Buffalo Grove, IL.  60089


Any Questions, please call us at (847) 873-1165